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Mini Website

For the final project of my BA, I worked on a labeling system for Whole Foods Market and created a mini-website that would help shoppers through their journey.


Tools & Skills – Brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, Sketch, Invision

The website is created around the idea of quick access to information, while being overloaded with other tasks: pushing the cart, navigating the aisle, making sure the products chosen are on the grocery list and that that they are of at least expected quality.

The information displayed must be clear and immediate, both technologically and visually: it is a quick website that loads content instantly and doesn’t have an ambiguous message.

The motions used have to be familiar and not require introductory messages: tapping, swiping and scrolling are the only navigation interactions present in the website.

This basic information is displayed in lists and on flash-card like panels that can be swiped through. They use the same color code as the printed labels for a homogenous learning experience, where customers get more and more familiar with the system and eventually don’t need to rely on the website to buy the products they want/need.

If needed the user can go much deeper in the website and find more information, but that time would probably come when the customer is waiting in line at a counter or at checkout. The information in these deeper sections is laid out clearly, with a strong color/image balance to help with reading.

The website is here to facilitate brand awareness and increase brand loyalty: it uses Whole Foods Market®’s brand colors and guidelines to keep a consistent image and tone of voice throughout all communication.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!