Illustrating something different

Carousel featuring the King and the Queen

The small startup Strat’america needed a new brand identity and website. They asked for my help on both and had the special request of “no stock images on the homepage” to have a friendly bespoke look.

Tools & Skills: Sketching, Illustrator, Photoshop

I decided to create mascots that would represent the brand and the client. Something that would be theirs only, with a strong color palette and fun messages.

The king and the queen are trying their best to go abroad and don’t know how: they are voicing their concerns out loud and are put in fun / silly situations that the client can understand.

| The live version can be found here

  • Is my strategy to go abroad good?

    Is my strategy to go abroad good?

  • Conquering the market

    Conquering the market

  • Doubting your product

    Doubting your product

  • How do I expand?

    How do I expand?

  • Which way is the right way?

    Which way is the right way?

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