Talking about race inequality in the USA

Helping after Mike Brown’s shooting in Ferguson last year.

Tools & Skills: Brainstorming, Sketching, trial and error, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

How can I help (Re)affirm equal rights for the Black population in the United States, the need for which has been recently brought to attention again by the Ferguson and Saint Louis shootings.

The idea was to use one of the most iconic American symbols to represent the injustice that still exists nowadays: the Statue of Liberty, the poem attached to her and the introduction of the constitution.

The project is simple, backed up by an infographic that explains in greater details what has been happening in the past – and being carried over today.

| The gallery shows some of my thought process as well as trial and errors.

  • Research Sketches

    Research Sketches

  • Research sketches

    Research sketches

  • Target Idea

    Target Idea

  • Statue of Liberty detail

    Statue of Liberty detail

  • Lino Cut tests

    Lino Cut tests

  • Ink Sketch

    Ink Sketch

  • Photoshop version

    Photoshop version

  • Final poster (bus)

    Final poster (bus)

  • Final poster (billboard)

    Final poster (billboard)

  • Facebook page

    Facebook page

Infographic explaining the current situation.

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