Meili Design

Meili Design

Personal branding


Create a graphic identity for  Meili Design using its strengths and quirks.


Tools & Skills – Brainstorming, sketching, prototyping 3D objects, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Research showed that Meili Design views design like cooking. Both have a balance of hard knowledge and instinct combined to create an idea.

I decided to bridge both disciplines with spices, building blocks of any recipe. A “creative” adjective was assigned to each spice: e.g. Cinnamon = Memorable.

I picked 6 spices and herbs, put them in small glass vials and labeled them with the accompanying word chosen.

| The rest of the communication came naturally with this idea and the package sent out to clients (of which the prototype is pictured below) contained the 6 vials, business cards, a resume, a tiny portfolio and a small recipe book.

  • Closed package

    Closed package

  • Sliding the top off

    Sliding the top off

  • the 6 spices vials and business card

    the 6 spices vials and business card

  • Resume


  • Recipe book

    Recipe book

  • Contents of the box

    Contents of the box

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