Fable Able

Never be uninspired again with Fable Able!  

Self set assignment for the conceptualization and creation of a game that helps the user create stories.

Tools & Skills: sketching, painting (the six dice are hand painted) 

The game (named Fable Able for the rhyme) consists of 4 dice: time, action, character and place. Each die face has a small image or word on it that, when combined together can create a story.

| For example: Days of yore + a volcano + an underwater cat + making a fire = that can make a pretty weird story about a cat escaping the Vesuvio.

All in all a fun project that stayed at prototype level for lack of time and ressources.

  • Research


  • Time dice

    Time dice

  • Place dice

    Place dice

  • Character dice

    Character dice

  • Action dice

    Action dice

  • Resulting dice

    Resulting dice

  • Resulting dice

    Resulting dice

  • Mock up packaging

    Mock up packaging

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